All Season- Standard passenger/minivan cars.

ROADMATE™ PF 400 offers 80,000KM tread warranty for confident driving with exceptional safety, longevity and a quiet, comfortable ride.
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Tire Features for ROADMATE™ PF 400

Fuel efficiency   

This pattern helps increase fuel efficiency by 4% and extends tire tread life by 15%. Superior fuel saving tread compound helps reduce fuel consumption and enhances tire mileage.


Specially treated shoulder blocks   

Specially treated shoulder blocks help effectively reduce tire shoulder heating and resonance during driving.


Silent groove on main ribs   

Functioning as silencers, angular sipes on main rib helps air flow smoothly and effectively reduces noise generated during driving.


Anti-uneven wear ribs   

Anti-uneven wear ribs help stabilize tread contour and sufficiently supports tread when cornering at high speed.


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