Q: How do I search for tires using the “Find Tires” tool?
A. You can begin your tire search by vehicle from the Home page using, “Find Tires” tool. On the "Search by Vehicle" tab, you can select your vehicle’s year, make, model, body and option from the dropdown menus, or select a previously saved vehicle. Then select "See Results." A second pop-up window will appear asking you to select your desired size. You can choose to search for the Original Equipment (OE) size or plus/minus tire option sizes. These results can be filtered according to load range,, speed rating, and load index. All sizes are shown in inches.

Q: What is your warranty?
A. For complete details on our limited warranty, applicable on nearly all products, please visit the warranty page in the “Tires 101” page.
Q. How do I become a Performa Tires dealer?
  A. Interested in becoming Performa Tires dealer and authorized distributor Please fill out our Become a Dealer form and a member of our sales team will contact you.
Q. How can I find the price of a tire?
  A. For pricing information, please contact an authorized Performa Tires dealer in your area.
Q. Why is there no pricing on your website?
  A. This website is intended for general information purposes and provides a link and guide to Performa Tires authorized dealers and distributors. Each Performa Tires retailer solely and independently determines the price at which it advertises and sells Performa Tires products. Please check with your authorized Performa Tires Retailer for pricing near your area.
Q. How do I register my tires online?
  A. You can register your tires online at (www.performatires.com). You will need to include your contact information, dealer information, and the DOT code located on the tire. If you have further questions concerning Tire Registration please contact Performa Tires at 1-844-736- 1333.
Q. How do I make a warranty claim?
  A Tire adjustments under our Limited Warranty will only be made at an authorized Performa Tires retailer. If you have further questions concerning Tire Warranties please contact Performa Tires at 1-844-736-1333
Q. Who do I contact about a career with Performa Tires?
A. You can learn more about career opportunities with Performa Tires by visiting our career page at http://www.performatires.com/career.aspx

Q. Have any more questions?

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